Heather Wood

Heather uses vitreous glass enamels, both fusible and recycled glasses, and a kiln to create both functional and non-functional work in her studio, The Bridge Studio, located close to river and forest in scenic Elora, Ontario.

Heather Wood graduated with distinction with an Honours Bachelor of Arts with a Studio Specialization in Sculpture from the University of Waterloo.  Heather works in her studio using a kiln to alter, fuse and slump glass.  Using glass enamels she also paints and etches these kiln-fired flat glasses to create two and three-dimensional works which are original drawings on glass.

Artist Statement: Much of Heather’s work revolves around the use of plant, tree and animal imagery.  Her exploration of vegetation and animal life as cultural symbols, references man’s need for contact with the natural world.  Using images representing the environment both literally and metaphorically, Heather’s work explores the connection between our spiritual and physical worlds and emphasizes our need for nature.


“Tree Arches” by Heather Wood

“Landscape Arches” by Heather Wood