Judy French

Born in Sarnia, Ontario, Judy French has lived in many parts of Canada, and since 2006, has lived in Elora.  She graduated from the University of Guelph in 1976 with a B.Sc.(Agr.) and has run a commercial smokehouse and raced sled dogs, with many other activities in between.

Painting was part of her earlier life and since 2002 has become her main focus.  She enjoys sharing this demanding profession with her husband and fellow artist, Dick Marvin.

Judy works in water based media in her Elora studio and paints outside “en plein air” in oil.  Urban and rural landscapes and her delight in the colour and play of light over them are her principal interest.  She often exaggerates what she sees to involve the viewer.  Any handy tool may be used to apply paint to canvas or board to achieve the effect she is after.

Judy is an award winning artist and in 2017 her painting was chosen for the Peoples’ Choice/Canada 150 award at the 38th annual Insights art exhibition.

Statement:  I have always been an outdoor person so most of my paintings start in the landscape.  There, time stands still as I try to paint the colour of the wind, the feel of the hot sun and the scent of the grass, soil and leaves.  These small plein air studies are then carried like treasure to my studio where they are finished if necessary and some are worked up into larger paintings.